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Fill in the following information, or contact us at ugyfelszolgalat@officedepot.hu!

Dear Partner!

We inform you that the rights to use the name and brand of Office Depot and to distribute Office Depot private label products have been won by BestByte Kft. through a tender from 1 September 2020. You can view the agreement here.

If you are a former partner of Office Depot or wish to become one in the future, you can count on our special attention, exclusive service and individual contact, so please fill in the following information or send it by e-mail.

  1. Company name
  2. Tax name
  3. Contact name
  4. Contact person e-mail address
  5. Contact telephone number

Option 1: after filling in the information above, you will be contacted shortly by a member of our team who will be happy to help you

Option 2: if you are already a contracted and registered partner, visit the www.b4b.hu website, where you will be able to see our offers tailored to your company

For any further questions, please contact us by sending an email to ugyfelszolgalat@officedepot.hu.

Office Depot is an international brand that can be found in 54 countries with reliable quality, affordable prices, a wide selection and extensive service

With the Office Depot brand, Ramiris Europe Ltd. has become a company in Hungary that offers a full range of furnishings, IT products and technical equipment from home office to large office buildings, complemented by office catering and hygiene items. We offer hundreds of different own-brand products - Office Depot, Iris Office - and more than 100 000 items from our online shops - from paperclips to filing systems to computers - and we are constantly expanding our range. We strive to provide the widest possible range of supplies needed for comfortable and efficient office work.

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Külföldi vállalati ügyfeleknek

Külföldi vállalati ügyfeleknek